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  Travel-conditions 2018-2019 regarding the Ossolaland contract

A)   (who) Actors:

1. Ossolaland as organizer, intermediary agency.

2. The provider of accommodation. Eventually other service provider.

3. The client, traveller (using Ossolaland's offer), hirer or client.


B)  (what) Ossolaland contract is sent after confirmation of its (hotel - other accommodation) availability by the provider.

Essentials (C), are to be memorized in the contract.

 ·    Normal booking procedure:

1)   The Ossolaland contract has to be returned to Ossolaland within 10 days after date.

Step 1:     At date the contract will be sent by e-mail (eventually by post). And needs to be returned - with your agreement - to Ossolaland, preferably with e-mail to .

Address Ossolaland: P.A. de Genestetlaan 14; 4382 CA Vlissingen. Netherlands.


2)   Transfer of half the reservation-fee within 14 days after date. After this transaction the reservation will be official.

Step 2:  Ossolaland Bankaccount ING nr.: 5223257.

Address Ossolaland: P.A. de Genestetlaan 14; 4382 CA Vlissingen. Netherlands.

Address ING Bank (BIC/Swift-code): INGBNL2A . Postbus 1800; 1000 BV Amsterdam. Netherlands.

IBAN: NL28 INGB 0005 2232 57 .


3)   Transfer rest reservation-fee by client 2 months before arrival at travel destination.


4)   After having received the total reservation-fee Ossolaland sends client all necessary addresses, phone numbers of the accommodation and eventual vouchers.

Step 4:  Travel information will be sent by e-mail (or eventually post).

!It is always possible to insure for annulments at your insurance company!


·    Modifications:

* Essential modifications are only accepted after approval of all parties: client, provider and Ossolaland.

* Cleaning sometimes inclusive, description: website and contract. At the end of a stay in a rented house its a normal use to leave it clean.

* Bedding and bed linen, bathroom and kitchen towels, description: website and contract.


·    Responsibility:

*Ossolaland is not responsible for eventual loss, theft, damage or injury concerning its clients. (Please check your travel-insurance.)

*Ossolaland is not responsible for evident faults (photos, text, etc.) on the website, but whenever they occur faults are to be repaired immediately by Ossolaland.


·    E-mail and / also for evaluation of the agreement:

*The Ossolaland website presents holiday accommodations in Ossola, Italy. Besides this, actual information about for example weather conditions and activities are being presented.

*Mail to will usually be replied within one day with details about the availability and accommodations. Of course, also all questions about activities in Ossola are welcome.

*Ossolaland is interested in experiences concerning communication and financial Ossolaland contract procedures. Likewise in evaluation of the accommodation(s) and the natural and cultural activities. Messages can be sent to: Photos and comments will be reported on a special Ossolaland evaluation web page only after client’s approval.


C)      (why and how) Philosophy: Ossolaland presents accommodation in Ossola in a way that guests can experience the culture and natural beauty of the Ossola Alpine region. The providers agree to underline the importance of hospitality. They create the comfortable surrounding to enjoy the contact with local culture and nature. Antonietta Spadea - born in Domodossola - started Ossolaland in the year 2000.


Gerard P.C. Vierhout obtained the BAC bachelor-degree at the 'NHTV', University of Applied Sciences in Breda, Netherlands. Department of Tourism and Leisure Studies. Thesis: Focus on the Alps (1992, in Dutch: Focus op de Alpen.). Alpine studies; cultural, natural and sportive developments, are still attended with fascination and often brought informatively on the website.


Ossolaland's mission is to create one strong and meaningful tourism sector in Ossola. In the surrounding areas (Wallis, Tessin, Lago Maggiore) the tourism sector is seen as priority, while Ossola in terms of nature and culture is probably even more attractive. The Ossolaland slogan 'Land of Parks' is inspired by the beautiful protected natural parks in Ossola and together with its winter version - Land of Snow parks - it is meant to help modern, all season, sustainable tourism development, around the 4438 meters of elevation in Ossola.


·    Preference and essentials:

* Preference: Wish of the client, which Ossolaland tries to realize.

* Essentials: Things, service, that important for clients that they need to be organized. Ossolaland gives a confirmation of the presence of essential matters in the complete contract or supplemental contract.

When extra time spent for organizing is important: (negotiable) organizing service charge of 40 Euro per hour.


·    Tailor-made arrangements:

Ossolaland started the winter season 2003-2004 with tailor-made arrangements and events. Thanks to the Italian and Alpine relations this became possible. If proposed arrangement is satisfying, then the normal booking process will proceed as mentioned above in part B. Listed within the contract, the arrangement organizational costs. These costs are reasonable because of Ossolaland's organizing experience and savoir-faire.


·    Ossolaland, since 1-1-2001:


Ossolaland is an Italian-Dutch intermediary agency and specialist in accommodation and activities in the Alpine region Ossola. With representation in Masera, Italy since 7-7-2003. Registration number Chamber of Commerce, Baveno, Italy: 191197. Because of the good contacts with all providers, excellent quality of the offer can be guaranteed. But whenever at destination problems might occur, please call immediately: Ossolaland Netherlands: 0031-1184-10571 / or in Italy: 0039-0324-232527 / Cell.: 0039-340-5907660 .


Ossolaland (since 1-1-2001) registration number Chamber of Commerce, Middelburg, The Netherlands: 22047208. With representation office in Italy since 7-7-2003 Chamber of Commerce, Baveno: 191197. BTW - IVA - Ust - TAV - VAT number Netherlands: NL1430.56.426.B01 .

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